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Replacing marker bulbs with Xenon blue

I am wanting to replace all the bulbs in my marker lights with the Xenon blue variety (I know a few people have already done this). But, my question is, what type of bulb are the kind that are in the marker lights? I believe there are three bulbs on each side. Also, a good recommendation on where to buy these would be great.

I currently have 893 Eurolite Xenon foglight bulbs, and I love them. They are basically my only source of light during the night because of my headlight covers.

This weekend I plan on picking up a set of Eurolite 9007 Xenon headlight bulbs, and I would like to get the bulbs for my markers while I'm there ;)


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Hey Hartman....I love talking to u hehehe

I got all my bulbs from here :

I've got my headlights (9007's)
corners (194's) and the top indicator (3157's)
all in the xenon's from the same Manufacturer.
Misc bulbs tend to illuminate differently so you end
up with different blues. I kept my corner indicator
amber to keep po po off my arse.

LOL, thanks for the reply, that's just what I was looking for.

But, wait, RICE ONLINE RETAILER! Heh, I'm mean.


The only place I found that sells the bulbs that matched my headlights. I got the headlights on ebay...didnt like the mismatched bulbs from other places and found that site who sells the same manuf. bulbs. Sweet match now. They are nice... even called my house to confirm order.

The amber bulbs that you left in, what type are those?

Hmmmmm, I think I'll do something simliar to what you did. I'll keep the 194 bulb amber, and get two pairs of the 3157's. Thanks for the help. :D

OOOHHH! **slaps himself**

That's what I'll do then.