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Help with foglight bulb choices

The other day, one of my Eurolite 893 foglight bulbs blew out on me after 4 MONTHS!!!!! Don't know what could've caused it, it was only 37.5 watts.

Onto my dilema. I recently bought some Sylvania Silverstar headlight bulbs. They are BRIGHT white, no blue tint, but WHITE. I like it this way. But, since my foglight bulbs are shot now, I'm looking for a pair that will match the color of my Silverstar bulbs and are of good quality. My old Eurolites had a bluish tint, but I'm not wanting that anymore.

I've looked on the Sylvania site for Silverstar foglight bulbs, but I can't find them, I don't think they exist. Any suggestions on some foglight bulbs that will be a WHITE color?

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Wait, aren't foglight bulbs supposed to be yellow in color? All real foglights I have seen are colored this way.

In theory, yes, but I don't like the look of mismatched bulbs. Plus, if there was a sudden, huge "fog storm", I don't think these lights would save me. MUST...HAVE...WHITE!


Well then my suggestion to you is to ditch your current airdam (sell it on ebay). And buy one of those explorer express airdams with no fogs. I think it would look good.

PIAA superwhite H-3 bulbs are one of the closest matches. However you would need a different set of fog lights to use that bulb. Just find any Walmart type W/clear lense to replace the factory fogs. Then put in the PIAA bulb. Pilot, Blazer ect. make fogs in appx. the same size and will be as good or better than factory.
Jason, "Fog Lights" refer to the type of beam the lights put out not the color. Fogs are low and wide while "driving" are for distance and usually a narrow beam. Tests have shown that color does not help with visiability except yellow are better in snow.

I'm really not looking to change my housings. I just want a sufficient 893 bulb.

Well Hartman I dont know how to tell you this......