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rims tar and oxidation!

Two questions, first is on the ex i have some white spots appearing on the rear quarter panel right infront of the rear wheels. It looks like road salt does during the winter however it's not salt and it wont wash off. I think it's oxidation if i'm not mistaken. Clay didn't take it off either, what would be the best way to tackle this? Second, on my mom's car she has clearcoat on the rims and they haven't been detailed in a good two years. Needless to say they're bad, they were silver and now they're black/brown. I was able to get most of the gunk off using degreaser and metal polish however there are these black spots that are stuck on there really good, i think it's tar but it could also be something from the brakes. I tried tar remover which did nothing, gas also didnt take it off so i'm open to any suggestions. thanks in advance.

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1) Quite likely that is delamination. In other words paint pealing usually from the underside. Still usually feels smooth to the touch. See if you can get a picture posted.

2) Brake dust is LETHAL to your rims. Try somethng a little abrasive litte rubbing compound. Go easy on it. You dont know how much clear is left.

sorry it took so long but here are the pics finally!

the paint problem (I know there are some chips in there but I'm more concerned about the white spots that look like salt)

the tar/brake dust on the rim

some bragging rights... I really wish i had before pics of these cuz they came out beautiful!

I have had good results using Simple Green and cheepo dollar store "Scotch Brite" style pads. These cheepo ones are way less aggressive then real Scotch Brite pads, so I don't have to worry about scratching anything.

they'll scratch the clearcoat, i already tried them. this stuff is baked on like no other, i've tried every degreaser i can think of lol. Maybe it's time to get the red nozzle out for the powerwasher?

Hmmm. The cheepo ones I used on some 03 Civic alloys worked great with no scratching.

I am talking cheep, like the ones that are like 6 huge pieces in a pack for a buck at the dollar store.

I have the same thing on my wheels, its in the gray area, so you don;t notice it as much, but it still gets annoying when you're trying to detail...I hate brake dust...