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Rough Idle Solution REPLACE IAC GASKET


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January 31, 2007
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'00 Monterey Mountaineer
If you have a rough idle here is another tip. First try cleaning your Air Flow Sensor with an over the counter cleaner. Advanced Auto parts has one specifically for this purpose.
Second, clean you IAC valve. There are plenty of posts out there detailing this but throttle body cleaner and q-tips work well.
Third, Replace your IAC gasket. Rock auto has one for sale here:
<your model explorer or mountaineer>
<Idle Air Control Valve Gasket>

My gasket was intact but looked tired. I have cleaned both the air flow sensor and IAC valve several time to no avail. Earlier today I changed out the gasket and my idle is as smooth as the day rolled off the assembly line. Not bad for a $1.19 part. Good luck and I hope this helps. I will pictures if folks need them.