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Rough idle


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September 23, 2005
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Kaiserslautern, Germany
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'96 Sport
'96 Sport, 5 speed, OHV V6. It is idling rough when engine is warm, but no CEL and no stored codes. New plugs, wires. (It did improve a little after that) Did a test on the MAF and it is fine. Otherwise runs like a champ and accelerates smoothly and gas mileage is where it should be. Any ideas? IAC or TPS maybe?

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Based on your description, I would strongly consider IAC problems.

You can attempt to clean it, but more than likely you will need to replace the IAC.

Good luck ........

aldive said:
Also run a can of Sea Foam throught it.
Sea Foam? Never heard of it, but of course I have been living outside the US for several years now. Is this an addative?

thanks! I will replace the IAC and run a can of this through it (that is of course if I can find it here in Germany) but the IAC will hopefully make a difference