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TB - IAT - IAC - TPS - MAF ... Which one?


2000 Explorer 4.0L SOHC Job1 2WD 5-Speed Automatic 140,000 miles

Based on OBDII data logging and direct evaluation of each part, I've ruled OUT the following as causes of my warm-engine startup problem:
Air Filter
MAF Sensor
IAT Sensor
Throttle Body
TPS Sensor
IAC Valve
O2 Sensors
PCV Valve
Vacuum Leaks
ECT Sensor

Therefore, I believe it's a fuel problem. Could be fuel filter, fuel pump, check valve, or fuel injectors.

@C420sailor and I both told you to test fuel pressure way back on page 1!!

Test fuel pressure

been through this with 95-01 Explorer engines about fiftybagillion times, enough to know where to look first