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Shake down run @ Smorr, looking for back up

hmmm, wild, seems the back up you wanted needs


backup, ,

hope it works out,,

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Pictures of true Rock & Roll :p:



Couldn't go either direction. The other side of the rigs cross member was up against a boulder. The high lift was used to lift the rig high enough to use a crowbar to move that rock out. Thank gawd for strong sliders :D

Man philip sorry to here about your truck. hope you get it going. If you haven't already!!

I like your truck hate it that you had the issues!!

I need to get some new tires before I go again.

^^^ Those could have been a very expensive set of pictures.

Cold water and open element air didn't want to get along. So needless to say it been two very long weeks.

Its a good thing this was the last thing I did after a good day of wheeling with Greg and Eric. Because the Dakota said no more. First we found a completely soaked air filter and water inside the intake. The plugs were pulled and we cranked it over several times to try and clear out the water. I some how got luckily enough it lock up completely. It still didn't want to start and we traced it back to a lack of spark after the cap. It was called a night since we needed parts and it was getting dark.

The next morning we put in a new cap, rotor, air filter and sprayed some either in and it still didn't want fire. Again we pulled the plugs and spun it a few times. Then we noticed what looked liked a couple puddles of water in two of the cylinders. so we decided to get an clean rag and try and soak it up. Then we sprayed either in all the cylinders to finish drying them out. After some phone calls to Turdle for some ideas we finally got it running. After a few minutes all bets were off as oil coming out of the what looked like the filter. An oil change was done and it was still doing it. So more phone calls we made and are parents had to come get us. I got really lucky that Brandon the owner of SMORR was nice enough to let it stay their until I could get a trailer lined out.

Once we got home some heads were scratched and pounded into a wall. We borrowed my grandparents superduty and headed back to Springfield to pick up a car dolly. Needless to say U-haul largest dolly is just not quite big enough for a Dakota, let alone 33's. Tires were deflated and extra chains were added.

Due to bad weather, work, and waiting for parts today was the first day I could work on. It just had to be the coldest day of the year. I got really lucky and mad a dodge because their is a plate that is behind the filter that is rarely known for leaking. Water had gotten behind this plate and split the $4 gasket. Once I got it all back together it fired right up with no leaks. Here's a few pics of the plate:






So I need to give a huge thanks to Greg, Jon, Eric, my grandparents, and my parents for helping save my ass the last two weeks. Not to forget to thank Happy Jack for making the offer to drive for Wichita to tow them home. And Brandon at SMORR for not letting anyone mess with my truck. We all know how bad this could have been in other areas.

Now the decision of what to do for a spare truck.