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Shocks Needed

Boss X

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August 7, 2002
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02 Sport Trac 4x4
Its time to replace the OE shocks on my 96 XLT. I was debating between going to go to the Edelbrock IAS or the TrailMaster SSV shocks. I have heard some negative comments about the IAS shocks but would like to hear you input. What shocks? Stock X, not lifted or lowered. Standard 15" wheels, so far.

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I just replaced my OEM shocks and went with the Gabriel premium pro-ryder (w/VST) at Pep Boys. I noticed an improvement immediately, and for 135.00 installed for all four, you should try them. I should note that most of my driving is on pavement, not off road. I researched a while before I bought them, and to me the edelbrocks are too expensive for the mixed reviews they have received. just my .02

I run Edelbrock ISA's and am very pleased with their performance; huighly recommend them.


This weekend I installed Rancho 9000 on my '98 5.0. I love them. These are 9 point adjustable gas charged shocks. I purchased the optional dual remote control for quick adjusting. The kit is expensive, but really nice. I mounted the guage plate in the rear access panel to keep a clean look inside the truck.

I had the Rancho RS 9000's on my Jeep Cherokee (former) and while they were an very nice shock I found them to be too stiff.

I swapped out my Edelbrock IAS shocks for Monroe Reflex shocks at about half the cost. I can't tell any difference between my new Monroes and what I remember my new Edelbrocks feeling like. Both use a similar inertia valve system. I got fed up with Edlebrock when I found out that their lifetime warranty didn't cover wearing out. The funny thing is, just yesterday I took my wife's worn out brake Raybestos Brutestop pads back to Pep Boys to have them exchange them for a new set at no charge per their lifetime guarantee. I figure if I get 50K out of my Monroes then I got the same performance as I did with my Edelbrocks for half the cost.

I'm running the SSV's on my 97 and like them. I put them on in mid-March 2002. I did the fronts the turned my truck aroun as my driveway has a slight incline and noticed the difference night and day between the SSV's on the front and the factory's on the rear.
I got my SSV's from 4Wheel Parts for $40 a shock.

IAS!!! A little expensive but well worth it.

Bilstein shocks

I bought Bilstein shocks for my Explorer at Autozone for $50.00 a piece. I considered other shocks at the time but the price was irresistable. Bilstein shocks have been offered on GM, Ford and Toyota 4x4 trucks. Ive have yet to hear anyone having problems with these shocks. The other shocks discussed above have all had problems according to postings here. Bilstein is world renown for its excellent quality and performance of its shocks used in automobiles. They now make racing shocks for offroad trucks and are quite successful. Shop around and youll be able to find some at that price. Do searches on this site before you decide on brand,type of shock you need.

Great deal on the Bilstein's.

I went ahead and ordered the Edelbrock IAS Twin Tube shocks which are the same damper design as the Mono Tube but $20.00 less, each. I hope these work like I expect them too.

On my old 4-door I used Gabriel premium pro-ryder w/VST and loved them. I can't decide what to go with on my new sport. I am thinking of splurging on Bilstins.

I still swear by the IAS. Just last week some chick decided to turn right in front of me in the oncoming lane....If It wasn't for those shocks there would have been Explorer parts all over the road. You can actually feel them grab and firm up.

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