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So much talk about Edelbrock IAS shocks!


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June 19, 2002
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I read a lot of praises about Edelbrock IAS shocks... are you guys talking about the Edelbrock IAS shocks for lowered explorers or the normal stock-height Edelbrock IAS shocks, or just in general?

I also ask, because I'm looking into modifying my ride to get better handling but I'm a little hesitant on lowering it. Do you guys think that replacing my stock shocks with the Edelbrock stock-height IAS shocks will offer me an improvement in handling? (this is without lowering it; just using the standard Edelbrock shocks)

Any comments/suggestions are VERY welcome.


I would definately lower it about 1 1/2 inches and then use the Edelbrock ISAs for lowered Explorers.

This was the best improvement that I ever did to mine. The handeling is unbelievable.

Take a look at the writr up on my project at Dead Link Removed

Good luck......