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Skyjacker leaf removal


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April 10, 2000
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Okay, I'm just tossing around ideas for future suspension thought, but one involves about getting 3 more inches of lift in the rear. I've got 4in skyjacker springs and 1-1.5 in shackles in the rear. I'm thinking of dropping back to my stock coils, and maybe remove a leaf in the skyjacker spring pack and then doing an SOA. Maybe that'll give me a little less lift. Like I said, this is just a thought, and I'm not totally sure that it would even work. Anyone know? Clint? I know you like the skyjacker lifts, you got any hands on with this?

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I currently have clints skyjacker leafs on my explorer. If i read your thread correctly, you want to put 4" arched leafs SOA. if you do that, you'll end up with approx. 9inches of lift in the rear. even if you remove a leaf, you'll be really high in the rear, and really low in the front with stock coils.

No no. Now I've got 6in up front... And 5-5.5 in the rear. I have the 4in Skyjacker springs, with 1-1.5in coils. Currently, it is SUA. As a straight axle will be a future mod, which I will add a few more inches up front, probly 8-9in total. So, then in the rear, I was thinking go SOA, remove a leaf from the pack, and go back to my original shackles... Which I was hoping would even it out, and maybe make it slightly softer and flexier.

Ive been looking into the same thing, my rear springs are shot and was looking at either getting a set of rear lifted springs, or stockers and converting them to over the axle mounting? Im also going to change the front springs their sagged baddly too.

So which is better lift springs or spring over axle ???

Get a spring over on your existing leaf springs for like 10 inches of suspension lift, then take your ttb and have it cut and welded like the Zimmerman 93 Eddie Bauer and you will need like 10 longer than stock springs with your jacker brackets left like they are, this will also give you true ground clearance because the shafts will exit the diff at a downward angle, a little pricy but I considered doing this and ditching the body lift as long as you know someone who can cut and weld, are familiar with this conversion, and having a spare TTB to play with wouldn't hurt either.
Follow me?

Dog... I follow... But... here's the thing. One problem is finding tough enough or getting custom axles that can handle 300+ hp and 350+ ft/lb torque... By the time bigger lift comes, I'm sure I'll have done more motor work... I was thinking about the built TTB... But, over all, I'm expecting to break stuff, and d44 parts will be cheaper. Also, I can't easily get rid of the body lift... and that is cause I got the V-8 and need the clearance it gives... Someday, you'll see what I'm talking about... Plus it is possible to get extremely flexy straight axles.. just takes research and planning.... Tho like I said, I only want about 8 in of susp, plus this would make the rear flexier... And it's way down the road... All I want to fit is 35x16x 15 boggers on the rear, and 35x15.5x15 swamper SX's up front.... I like wide :)

Oh yeah dude, i forgot that a prerequisite for a 302 swap consists of a 3" body lift or bashing the sh*t out of the firewall with a maul. I was thinking you wanted to stick with the TTB since the swap came first. You are an animal, hmm ever think about the 5.9 Liter Grand cherokee with a solid axle from the start?????
Oh yeah there is another post about a guy maybe buying a 98 V8 with 100K for 6800, i had to mention you got $5000 into a swap for something for him to think about,

i think 4" springs would be to much and when u start taking leafs out your going to flatten the spring and that arched leaf is longer so you'll bottom out that stock shackle i would take the 2 springs the very bottom one (sorta overload spring) and one of the upper springs and see where it sits