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Sloppy Shifter - 2 Ways to Fix It


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April 12, 2007
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'94 Sport
Most of you with a 5-speed Explorer probably have the sloppy shifter problem. After a lot of searching on this site, and visiting the Ford parts desk at the dealership, I found two options for fixing the sloppy shifter.

First, I will describe the reason for the sloppy shifter in case some of you don't know. There are two plastic bushings that break apart and fall down into the transmission. Once the bushings are gone, the shifter isn't constrained as tightly as it should be. This causes the sloppy shifter.

Solution #1: Replace the bushings to get the stock shifter back. These plastic bushings can be purchased at just about any Ford dealership for $15 total.

Solution #2: For about $225 shipped, you can buy the Hurst short shifter (HUU-3915020 from Summit).

I chose Solution #2. This fixes the sloppy shifter and gives the ability to use the cupholders becuase the shifter moves so little. I installed it this afternoon, and have only had a little seat time with it so far. I've got similar problems to those mentioned in other threads about this shifter. The shifter itself has some vibration noise. You can hear transmission whine through the shifter. Road noise is also increased becuase of cutting the large hole in the rubber mat under the shift boot, and the Hurst shifter boot doesn't insulate noise as well as the stock boot. The new shifter is pretty stiff, but I think I can get used to it.

I'm going to spend some time adjusting the shifter stops to reduce some of the noise. So far, I'm happy with my choice. I have a question though.

Has anyone tried what I've called "Solution 1?" I was wondering if with new bushings in the stock shifter, is it possible fit anything more than a 12 ounce can in the cup holders?

I'll try to get a few pictures and maybe a video if anyone is interested. I've been meaning to post a new vid of the truck anyways. I haven't posted one since before the new motor was broken in.

Below are a couple of pictures. I will still try to put up a video sometime in the next couple days.



I like how it looks
Does it shift better now?