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slow fuel filling


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February 28, 2009
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Seattle Wa
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2006 Eddie Bauer Exlorer
I have a 2006 EB explorer and every time I fill the gas tank the pump continually shuts off! I have to fill it VERY, VERY slow or it backs up and shuts the pump off.

Please help!!!!

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Have you tried backing the nozzle out slightly when fueling? What about letting some of the pressure release before inserting the nozzle.

Thank you very much!!

We just bought this truck used a month ago... haven't even made the first payment on it and the battery went dead and now this! I have owned Fords my entire life and I know they all have their "issues" as I have a 96 Thunderbird that I am trying to keep nice as I am President Elect of the Vintage Thunderbird Club International and have restored a car or two but all of this on a truck with 40,000 miles was really upsetting me!

Are there other known "issues" that are common to this year Explorer? I would be interested in hearing them!

thanks again