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speakers, components, tweeter ?'s


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July 24, 2005
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Maitland, florida
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'96 XLT 5.0
i have a '96 ford explorer. i just replaced my head unit, and i have some questions on speakers and components.
Im looking at the Polk 5.25 component system, (db5250) peak 200 watts.
I have no money for an amp, should i get the components, or just get speakers, is it a must to run an amp through the components?

also, how do i run the tweeters, do i run them to the head unit, or to the component woofer?


you dont need an amp persay but let me just say as a guy who went from running components off the head unit to running them off an amp, it is a huuuuuge difference. you'll probably be happy with them off of the head unit just because you dont know how much better it'll sound. i liked it untill i realized that. they will still sound better than regular speakers imo. with the component set you will have a "crossover" which has terminals for the tweeter, woofer, and headunit. hook em all up to that where they are supposed to go and it splits up the signal for you

yeah my right two speakers are blown, i think it will be fine until i can get my hands on some money for an amp.

sounds good to me, thats what i did