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Speedometer calibration

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July 31, 2010
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'96 XLT
:scratch:performed surgery on my 1996 Explr instrument cluster. Annoying ticking noise turned out to be the only mechanical thing there: very small worm gear on a tiny little motor which keeps the odometer gears turning. I cleared up the ticking noise, but new problem (of course). In doing this repair I had to remove the speedometer pointer needle from the electronic speedometer coil. (I re-installed it laying on the needle rest (0 MPH), but it now reads about 12mph faster than real speed when I drive. Within a day of the repair the needle stopped resting on the needle stop when the car was at rest. It reads slightly above the 10 mph mark. How does one fix this? Is there a recalibration procedure? There are no mechanical cable connections to speedometer...this must be a 2nd generation Explorer.

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Could you elaborate alittle?

Fixed it.

I just bought a 2000 EX with only 13000 km ( 8000 miles ??) on the ODO. My EX indicates 20 km faster than actual speed, which is a bit too rich. How did you calibrate yours??

The ODOMETER is within 2% of actual, when I saw this I figured something was wrong
with the ODO / gearbox, but distances match very well, so it looks like a pure speedomeret gauge problem.

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I hope some one can help you on this. My speedo is 10mph off at all times. I could use some info too.

Is there noone with experience of this?

I have searched forums and internet in general, and have seen lots of different suggestions, so this seems to be a genuine problem, but I have trouble sorting out the *correct* info.

Since my ODOmeter indicates distance correctly, it does not seem lika a "gear" problem, which has been sugested by *tirechangers*. I have seen some references to the speedo beeing calibrated by the engine computer, but have not seen any suggested program / procedure.

Right now I am inclinde to mechanicly move the hand on the SPEEDO shaft, even though I suspect this is not the correct way to do it. Not sure if this will work though,