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Starter motor rebuild parts

rich uk

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September 17, 2007
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1998 sohc 150k Purple LPG
Gent's long time since I made a contribution ,

Ex has been as good as gold for ages ( :

just did a rebuild on my starter motor as it was getting unreliable

the parts are available on ebay and is an easy job once off the car

I did dismantle the S Solenoid and fixed for free, by filing the contacts ,

you have to un fold the metal at the plastic top and drill the press fixings in the side.... makes a look a bit messy ,

then de solder the coil wires , unscrew the plastic cap- bolt / contact washer clips from the cable bolts ... not impossible to do ,

but I had ordered a new one so didn't refit it

Starter solenoid is 2 star bolts to change and will be about £15

you will need a 5mm ring / fork electrical connector and a bit of wire connected to a male spade , as the ex uses a male spade for the coil this has a bolt fixing

motor brushes were half worn @ 155k

I just filed them down and cleaned

but they look same as these ..
Im sure you could use them with a little work if different

test it before fitting as its possible to get it the wrong way around on the motor side

good luck guys