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stuck in snow, abs freaked out


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February 17, 2006
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Binghamton, NY
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'99 Sport
Hey guys,

Yesterday I was driving through an unplowed parking lot in 4wd Hi with about 2 feet of snow, when eventually I got stuck in a 3 foot burm. As the tires started spinning, even though I had my foot on the gas pedal, I saw the ABS light come on, and the ABS started pulsating the brake pedal (I wasnt even braking). When I was totally stopped (and stuck) while not giving it any gas, the ABS kept pulsating. I pressed the brakes to shift first into park, and once I was in park the abs pulsating finally stopped, and the light went off. After that, I had no problems. Has this ever happened to any of you? What could be wrong? Could I pull a fuse to avoid this issue in the future when I'm doing things with car that I shouldnt be? Thanks!

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Yep..used to happen to me with my '01 Explorer...the computer can't rectify the wheelspin, so it tosses a brake code. Shut down the truck and re-start and it goes away. Appears to be normal with some year X's

just pray it was a freak accident and wont happen again lol. went muddin got stuck over summer, on way home ABS light comes on, well ahd it to ford dealer and the ABS Hydraulic Control Unit and ABS Elelctroic Control Module are both fubared, so my abs will pullsate when ever im slowing down (even when not on the brake) and the ABS comes on when ever i stop, all the time. they quoted me 1700 for parts alone. i hope u have a cheaper probplem, but its one possibility. also when i go about 50-55 + the abs light comes on, then the abs wont work, you can always unplug the ABS and have normal brakes, Good Luck

Same problem. Sort of freaked-out the first time it happened. Thought, "oh here is another $600.00 to the dealership. Does it a lot in just about any snow over about 8 inches.

Draper was 100% correct on this.