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Suggestions... Help an X'er out


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January 20, 2001
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Sammamish, WA
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98 V6 SOHC
I am looking to put in a stealth system because i need my rear cargo space.

So far I have
- Alpine CDA-7894 Head Unit installed

Looking to put in
- Q-Logic 10" Stealth Enclosure
- Orion XTR 10S Subwoofer

Question for you all is
- What AMP should I get to power this sub... I want it to bump as much as possible (yes i know its only a stealth box with limited airspace)

LeenJeen can u help out... I cannot find amp u suggested with this same set up to someone a while ago.

Also any suggestions for some good mids that i can just power off of the ALpine Head Unit. THanks for the Help, much appreciated... they have good prices...find one u want...and ill try to find u a good price on it.


Thanks man ill check it out...
but my real question is does anyone have suggestions as to a specific amp... not just where 2 buy

I running a MTX thunderform off a Blaupunkt PA2100 and have been very happy. 300RMS (more according to birth sheet), remote volume control, very small, efficent (40amp) and rarely heats up under the back seat. All for less than $200. (Get soundomain to match other internet prices) You can get the same power for similar $ from other midline amps, but not the features and size.