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swapping 1998 V8/4R70W/4406 into 1999 SOHC 2wd

Is it just burping stuck air? How much have you driven it enough to get all the air out of cooling system?
I've got about 800 miles on it since filling it. It had the brown sludge that BAR stop leak creates. I think that stuff had filled the radiator so much that there was no cooling going on. Most of it is flushed out now, but I probably need to do two more cycles (bottles) of radiator flush. I want completely clear water before I do the exhaust gas test again. THEN, depending on what I find I'd put coolant in it.

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With the engine running, a cooling system pressure tester might show an issue. The gauge needle would fluctuate.

Well, since I did the flush last week, i've had no problems with overheating and it doesn't appear to be losing water. So with the newer driveshaft and the hoses put on the DPFE sensor, I think this thing runs great! Certainly a lot more get-up than the old SOHC. But it seems to have a taste for gasoline....

Update. I finally got everything ironed out. Ran a full tank of fuel thru it with no issues. 16.6 mpg and I wasn't exactly EASY on the throttle. The roar or vibration i was concerned about early on, I believe to be in the transmission because I feel them at the same RPM in all gears. So, since I've got AT LEAST one other trans to build for the next Ex, I think I'll be looking close at bushings and such. Since I started this project, I ran up 7k on a credit card (definitely not all toward the Ex) so I need to pay that down and I'm going to need a set of tires soon. With new tires, I'll be wanting to do a lift (for a little taller tire) of some sort and get an alignment done. Maybe a new set of shocks to help the ride?

Anyway, I'm happy these days. Might eventually get a bumper from @RockRanger at some point and a winch, but honestly, I'm just building a somewhat "capable" mall crawler, so...?? (I won't aim to get into mud or rocks, but I don't want to be limited...)

I do need to build a rear axle to match the gear I put in the front, but that's not such a big deal for me. I guess the project isn't complete yet, so there are more posts to come, but i'm not in a hurry. I haven't been able to use the front diff since I'm geared different front to rear. Still don't have the front shaft in or nor do I have the T case shifter installed.

Fun times to come, I suppose.

You are doing it! V8 sploder! Good job

Things are very expensive right now which sucks but you are building yourself a truck! Way better then buying something imo

Welp, it's daylight savings, so I guess its time to build a read end. What do y'all think about this pattern?

The Ratech pinion setting tool sucks. It told me I needed to take 50thou out of the shims on the pinion. But there was only one 27thou shim there. So with much going back and forth, this is where I'm at. It spec'd 8thou backlash, but I've got 11. Not sure I can get it any better.

can't wait to get the 4wd swap finished. I could've used it a few times over the winter!



Anyone want to guess where I'm at with the regear?


And then something else sprung up. I like spring.


It's getting there. Needs a front driveshaft and the t case shifter mounted. But I gotta knock a hole in the floor first.


You will love the low range of the 4406! Explorer 5.0 is a beast with that t case

Next question. Can I use forscan to correct the speedometer?


Either change the gear on vss sensor if you have one or use a Dakota digital to calibrate the speedo

You may need to change the tachometer wire from the v6 ground position over to the v8 ground wire position, if your tach reads funny one wire can be moved