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sway bar


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April 28, 2003
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2002 SPORT
I'm ordering a sway bar and shocks from EE on tuesday the shocks are out of stock at the moment...Anyway I want to paint the sway bar red to match the shocks what paint is better, Krylon paint or that heat resisant paint like they use for the calipers?

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If you really want it to look great and hold up, have it powder painted.

Be sure to post pics.

will do thanx...As soon as it's done I'll post pic's

I thought it was already powder coated. I could be wrong.

If you don't want it powdercoated, you can paint it yourself. Sand it down a little to rough up the finish so the primer will stick. Then shoot it with a good primer, etching primer would be the best. Then shoot it with your red paint, I would probably use the red made by Rustoleum because it resists rust. Even then, the finish may not last forever because the underside of vehicles take a lot of abuse.

Primer and Engine Paint worked well for me on my other vehicle. I think powder coating would cost you more and I don't think it's worth it for something that is out of site. Unless you're planning to make it a show truck.

Powder coating that piece shouldn't cost you any more than $20 - $30. IMO powder coating is the way to go. It will last you for ever.

Originally posted by rydinhigh
It will last you for ever.

Powdercoating is more durable than paint, but it can still be scratched off fairly easily.

The only coating I've seen so far that is close to indestructable is Line-X.