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sylvania silverstar bulb failure

hey guys i was wondering if anyone eles with sylvania silverstar headlight bulbs have had one of them go out. I looked at the bulb and the filaments are still connected but the bulb low beam is out. The high beam works fine, but low beam for some reason doesn't work. Has anyone had this problem with their silverstars? Could i contact the company to get a replacement? I hope so, because for $25 a bulb i don't think i want to buy a new one from the store, i would much perfer a replacement from sylvania. they are less than a year old.
any suggestions

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a year for a headlight is pretty good.....bulbs do that a lot..... its normal

Perhaps you touched the bulb when installing?

i read on their website, i could get a free replacement if i send the "defective" bulb back to them. I was extremely careful installing them so not to touch them. Maybe i should try sending the bulb back...

Did you try another bulb to make sure the bulb is the problem?

Anyone know where to get these bulbs in canada?

yep yep i put a regular bulb in its fine...

bulbs go out.. it doesnt mean it is defective... i know about the $25 thing, but is it worth your effort to mail it back to them etc and pay shipping? most return things like that say, at the mfg's discretion....

If you noticed, Sylvania is also the OEM bulb supllier for our trucks. I spoke to a Sylvania rep and asked why not make the Silver Stars OEM. He told me that factory bulbs need to last 4-5 years, and that the main drawback from increased performance of the Silver Star is a shorter service life, perhaps 18-24 months...

Just something to keep in mind.