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Sylvania Silverstars & Fogs Installed *PICS*

I have never been too impressed with the Headlamps in my 01' Explorer XLT and i really wanted to something brighter and whiter. I kept reading on these forums about the Piaa superwhites and the Sylvania coolblues. I heard too many people say the Piaa's arent that much brighter than stock so i coildnt justify paying the 65 dollars for them. I didnt want to to buy some Ebay "el Cheapo HID's either.. and have them fry my harness or burn out after 2 weeks. I remembered the Sylvania silverstars were just recently released but hadnt heard much about them. Well i went out and bit the bullet and bought some. The total came out to 44 dollars for 2 9007 Silverstars. Thats not too shabby.!
I must say, im very impressed with these bulbs. They arnt exactly cheap.. but they dont break the bank either. I noticed a large improvement over the stock bulbs. The light is very white, and not a fake blueish color, and they are very bright and light up the road well.
Here is a picture

I didnt stop at that though. I had also read about people trying to replace the stock fog lights bulbs in the late model explorers with something brighter. There was some talk about maybe using a 9005 bulb or an h3 or some stuff like that.. i didnt beleive that, so i popped mine out. Its close to something like a 9005 but smaller. i then looked at the bulb itself, it looks suprising like a H1 bulb. I pulled it out and sure enough it was an H1 bulb.. So i drove down to the local "performace shop" and picked up some of those euro XENON bulbs.. for about 20 bucks.. they are 75w bulbs compared to the stock 55w bulbs. The package says "Eurolite Xenon Charged" and the web adress is
I installed these and wow are the bright.. These arent exactly fog lights but they sure are bright!!! so basically i now have 2 sets of headlights and they cost about the same as getting 2 piaa bulbs.. woohoo!. These eurolight h1's get pretty hot, so it will be interesting to see how long they last....
But i guess that answers the questions of what bulbs can fit these late-model fog lamps.. and yep! H1's fit fine.
here is a pic of the headlights and fogs:

Overall im impressed with both. for the money i think its well worth it. I can see much better at night now, with or without the foglights on. Im not sure how the h1's will hold up. but im confident the Sylvanias will last a good long while. I will keep you updated
and just for the heck of it.. a pic of my explorer:

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Originally posted by rvitek
LOL... at myself!

Thanks guys, I finally got out there and did the wiggle thing and waa-laa, an H1 :)

Now, if I can only find those Toucans that you talked about down there. I went to their site and did a dealer locator - the closest dealer is 500mi away :)

Thanks again guys!

I bought some Eurolite bulbs HERE. I received them in two days. I bought the 9007 Super plasma bulbs. I don't have fog lights. If I did i would be happy to buy another set of the bulbs.

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UPDATE *Driverside FOG Burned out*

Its now August (so its been 4months since i installed all the bulbs). The Sylvania are still going strong but the toucan fog light h3's took a crap. The passenger side still works but the drivers side bulb burned out.
I will pick some more h3's up but this time ill go with a Piaa bulb or something similar. I will also stick closer to stock wattage to this time.

For what i paid for the toucans i cant say im upset that they burned out. I did get 4mo out of the cheaper bulbs..

I'm sort of confused. So will an H3 work in my 2001 or do I need an H1 or an 899??? Please help clear this up. Someone is selling H3's and i was going to get them, but if they are wrong i will go buy what is right.

u need the h1s.. or if you want.. modify a 9005

Okay so here goes; I got a 1998 explorer and I am not sure what kind of foglight bulbs are in there but I wasn't able to upgrade the bulbs so I replaced the whole foglight with an aftermarket one. I put in 100 watt bulbs and they are literally as bright as my headlights which is very cool. But because of all the damn slopp (SNOW) here in clevland I shattered both of them. What do you guys recommend for replacing the factory foglights, or do you know what bulb I need to upgrade factory foglights???? email me PLEASE!!!!

Your '98 should either take the 885/893/899 or an H3 but the latter is extremely rare. My '96 has the same front end as your '98 so we should have the identical fog lamp assemblies so I would suggest the 885. They're 55W instead of the stock 37.5W.

I bought my bulbs on ebay for like $13 so it's totally worth it!

someone has a set of H3 for sale on this board in the for sale forum

h3 bulbs will not, repeat NOT work in factory foglights from ford, unless you have a 'euro spec' x!

885/893/899 ONLY in '96/'97/'98 x's.


Xenon Fog Bulbs

i have a 95 X and I have 885 bulbs which are 55w, does anyone know if a Xenon 885 bulb is made so that I can plug it in? Help me guys.

Christian, these are the ones I bought from Ebay. It works pretty well. It's very bright!! I used to be able to look directly to the light and won't get blinded but this will blind ya. haha...

Dead Link Removed

This is one of them. Do a search on Ebay. Type in "885", then click everything else in the catagory section on the left then click "Ebay Motors."