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TCC Solenoid 5R55E


October 30, 2008
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Henderson. Nevada
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97 ranger
Found the bracket that holds the 4 solenoids has a broken tab at the TCC. Also found that the bracket on the TCC is broken. The TCC had a ohm reading of 15.9 so it was barely in limits. My question is: Is the broken brackets just a sign of eventual fatigue or could something else be happening? The truck has 80,000 miles and this could very well have been the first fluid change.

Secondary question: The dealer wants $126 for a TCC any better places out there?


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Thanks Brooklyn you have been a great help through my Tranny days. Is the bracket strickly a dealer item or can that be found there as well?

I found a site "Wholesale Transmission Parts" that has a new TCC for $10 and the 4 shift solenoids for $4. Does this sound possible?

Thats why I asked you guys have been at this longer then I have.

Those prices are rock bottom. I don't think you will find anything cheaper, and they even say that they beat prices too. If those parts are really new, then go for them before they get bought out. I sent Glacier991 an email to take a look at them, and ask if he knows about this place.

I will order and let you know what happens. If pictures will help when (if) I get them I will take them as well.

Thanks again Brooklynn.

I E-Mailed them about the EPC just in case they have that as well.