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EPC & TCC solenoid replacement on a 5R55E transmission.


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April 8, 2010
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98 mountaineer 4.0
Can i change the epc and tcc solenoid without removing the vb, 98 mountaineer 4.0 sohc 5r55e

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Welcome to this forum! This thread was renamed, and your other thread was deleted since it's the same as this one. Yes. You could replace the solenoids without dropping the valve body. It's recommended to purchase an upgraded solenoid bracket.

5R55E Problems

Can anyone tell me which solenoids are which. According to the computer I need to replace the TCC Solenoid and shift solenoids #1 and #3. I have a spare transmission with bad clutches but good solenoids so it should be an easy job. Just don't know which ones are which.

OK, now I'm on to another problem. I changed the valve bdy including solenoids. Now when I start it, it is in drive in all gears including reverse. I didn't seize the forward clutches together. What else can cause this? It has happened to two junkyard transmissions in a row. Can it be a computer problem?

Sounds like you missed the manual valve when you reinstalled the valve body.


What Now

You were exactly right. Now it goes into all gears but only runs well in reverse. When I go forward itpauses every few feet and feels like a severly warped brake rotor, but it isn't. When I unplug the plug going to the solonoids it runs fine except I have to shift it manually of course.

What the heck is wrong?

What diagnostic info do you get from unplugging the solenoids? If it lets you manually shift through the gears and hit both forward and reverse with the solenoids disconnected, what does that tell you?