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Tellico! April 2002


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Tellico! March 16th-17th, 2002?

Rick has his AZ run going on March 16th weekend. What say we have an east coast run the same weekend at Tellico?

On other threads many stockers expressed fear at Tellico, but it looks like stockers could run trails 1,3,4,8 and maybe 7 (if 7's ledge has a bypass). Mildly modified might try trail 5. Is anyone interested? I could schedule a prerun of trails 5 and 7 to see how tough they really are and if there is a bypass on 7. The goal would be a major west-style run out here in the east. I'd like to see 20+ Explorers show up, with trails from mild to wild for stockers and modified alike to enjoy, along with a chance to meet everyone else and enjoy primo fellowship and comraderie that weekend.

How about it? I've moved out here to the east now; is there anyone to wheel with, or will I have to drive 2,000 miles west for some action? How's about we get some gonzo wheelin' started and prove there's something out here to run, huh? We've also got opportunities for preruns there to scout out stuff so anyone interested could join in for more than one weekend's run.

I'm a newbie here so maybe we cannot do this; if so let me know (other runs already scheduled there, motels not available, etc). I freely admit that I don't know anything out here and need your help. But I'm willing to learn fast if there's interest :)

Someone help me here. How about some feedback from ECX people? What do you think? Do you already have something else scheduled, or do you think we could pull this off?


Trail Rating Legend

Trails are rated from 1(easiest) to 10 (most difficult). Keep in mind that rain or snow can increase the ratings at Tellico by two to three points.

1-3 feature trails with obstacles that are easy to navigate. In optimum weather conditions, some of these trails may not require the continual use of four-wheel drive (4WD).

4-7 trails are moderately demanding and require 4WD. You may encounter a wide variety of challenges, including mud holes, boulders, and stream crossings.

8-9 ratings indicate that the likelihood of getting stuck is considerably higher. Mud holes here may be deep and rock climbing will be more arduous. There is a chance for parts breakage and body damage on these trails.

10 is reserved for the rocky, off-camber, most difficult obstacles. Rollovers, breakage and body damage is to be expected here.

Tellico ORV Area Trail Ratings
The Forest Service ratings are italics and then ours are given

Trail #1. Rated Easiest. We agree and give this one a 1. This is the rough dirt road running through ORV area from NC to TN. Even though this is the easiest trail in the ORV area, you still need to pay close attention while driving. One weekend last year (2000) in Sept., two different vehicles ran off the side and rolled down the mountain. It is very steep with nothing to stop you, except a tree if you're lucky.

Trail #2. Rated Moderate. Definetly WRONG! The bottom of 2 is known as the "Rock Garden" and is a solid 8-9 with a couple of real nasty ledges. Which ledge is the toughest depends on what the weather has been and how much traffic the trail has had. Due to erosion and rocks being moved (or stacked) it's hard to say which ledge you'll have the most difficulty with. Be assured though, both are fun! This was the site of SFWDA's Rock Crawling contest during the 2000 Dixie Run, and none of the BIGDOGS completed the course without winching. The upper part of 2 is known as the "Bobsled Run" and is a 7-8. Trail 2 is arguably the "Most Difficult" trail now at Tellico.

Trail #3. Rated Moderate.We believe that it's easier and give it a rating of 2-3. Trail 3 offers a nice view of the bottom of Trail 12 and the backside of Trail 11.

Trail #4. Rated Easiest. We disagree and give it a 4. It has a nice creek crossing and connects to Trail 6; together they run across the entire area and are used to access most other trails.

Trail #5. Rated Moderate. Challenging level 5&6 with some ledges and rocks. The creek crossing that used to be known as "Rough Crossing" has had the obstacles removed that made it a challenge. A bridge is also going to be built across it to reduce the amount of sediment washed into the stream.

Trail #6. Rated Most Difficult. Interesting fun trail, but definitely not in the same league as Lower 2, 9, 11, or 12. It's more of a hard moderate and we rate it a 6-7 going up and a 5-6 coming down.

Trail #7. Rated Moderate. Most of the trail is an easy 2-3 with the exception of one big rock ledge that is a 7-8 and has been the scene of many rollovers. This ledge used to be pretty much impassable to all but the those with extra long wheelbases. However, some recent "trail work" has been performed here and now shorter vehicles can navigate it.Trail 7 is also known as "Peckerwood".

Trail #8. Rated Moderate. We agree and give it a 4-5. Very nice loop trail with some loose rocks that provide excitement.

Trail #9. Rated Most Difficult. Known as "Hard Rock" going up and "Slick Rock" coming down, either way, this trail provides plenty of excitement. The approach to the rock runs right up a creek bed with lots of big, loose muddy boulders that get shifted around each time someone goes up. Steering linkage damage and tires coming off the rim happen quite frequently here. There is no getting around Hard Rock, so when you reach this point on Trail 9 you are committed. The rock has a very smooth surface, is about two stories tall, and has a natural spring at the base to ensure that it's always muddy and wet. There are three lines that can be taken to ascend the rock, you can hang either far left for the easiest approach; far right and it will be an 8-9 climb, or you can attempt the middle and take your chances! This is a favorite place for the locals to gather and watch the show and rollovers are quite common. The fun is not over when you get to the top of Hard Rock either, as there is still a couple of good ledges awaiting you before you run into Trail 8.

Trail #10. Rated Moderate. ATV and motorcycle use only. The only time that we've been on the trail was to haul an injured ATV rider out of the woods in our Jeep. We've not seen the entire trail, but understand it has some tricky sections.

Trail #11. Rated Most Difficult. We give it an 8-9 going up and a 10 going down. The two hard spots are known as "Guardrail" a.k.a. "Half-Way Rock", and "Helicopter Pad". Guardrail is a huge rock face that has a guardrail attached to some trees to keep vehicles from rolling down the mountain. Again there is no "go around" here, so you either have to climb it or pull cable. Shortly after getting up Guardrail you are faced with the decision of hopping on the Helicopter Pad or taking the bypass to the left. If you choose to go up the Pad, pay close attention to the rock outcropping on your left. If your not careful (or lucky) it will leave you with a souvenir all the way down the drivers' side of your vehicle.

Trail #12. Rated Most Difficult. Known as "School Bus" and it is a good 8-9 trail up the mountain. It is a long, steep, rutted hill climb, with many ledges and tight turns. Once you start there is no letting up until you reach the top. Coming down is a lot of fun too, but if your rig has an automatic, disc brakes are highly recommended. This is no place to be in a hurry! For years School Bus was considered the toughest trail at Tellico, but the big ledge at the top has now been smoothed out, so....our vote for the most challenging trail is Lower 2. Come ride them both and decide for yourself!

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Im in at 80%

I have to check with my wife about the dates, so I cant be 100% but Im 80% sure Ill go. Now as to the trails to do thats something else.

Im up for moderate trails, Ill check with some who have gone to see what they say.

Thanks Gerald

Any hotel or more likely a motel close by- I havent camped for a few years and would ike to keep it that way:D

I would LOVE to run Tellico. I'll be in the "mildly modified" category, with about a 2" lift, 31" Procomp MT's, and Rancho's, and I'd like to tackle some of those trails. I'll do my best to go, but it will simply come down to seeing what I have going on at that time. As far as lodging, I'm game for either camping or staying at a hotel. If I can go I'll likely have a friend with me, so it won't cost me too much to get a room.

There's definitely a lot of Explorer owners that we could get on this run, Tellico is a central location for many of us east coasters and it would be great to see over 20 Explorers show up.


whre is tellico :banghead:

that looks good for me... maybe me and some buddies could camp that weekend too... I didnt realize tellico was in Nanahalla.. how far is it from the river.. i used to kayak it all the time. im about 3 hrs away i think. that is the very end of ski season... but hopefully ill make it.. are we inviting over types of off road vehicles?

As far as the dates, they look good to me, and i should have the 33's by then, lemme do some reaserch on this an i will let you know what i come up with, ok i found this, is this the place were talking about?

im at about 50%, it all depends on parents and my lift & tires.

95% IN......
I wanted to go later in the year, but March will work..
Put the date in "STONE", so I can schedule my time off.

BTW...Can you get away for a couple of Days in Febuary..We can plan something in North Florida.

man if we got flordinians coming haha, then i gotta be there!!!!

Gerald count me in. I will also get others to go from my ECX chapter once you set a permanent date.

I'm around 9 hours from Tellico, but well worth the drive. There are others in the chapter much closer though. I live near the coast. The date sounds good, I will update the web page.]

Correction: 7 Hours

OK..3/16 and 3/17...I will talk to the Florida group.
Yes, we do more then mud, infact...I hate mud. We have found some nice trails full of washes and sand hills. Makes for a fun day.
It's probally about an 8 hr trip for me up there. Will probally plan on doing a 4 to 5 day deal..
Due to a couple of expecting wifes, and the distance..You can count on 3 to 4 of us at tops.
I'll post it on the FlEx board and see what kind of response we get...

We are planning a trip to Paragon in April. Here's the thread:
Dead Link Removed

Not to be a pain or anything, but we are hoping to have a decent turn out there also. Having the two runs only a couple of weeks apart would really hurt the turn out for both runs. I know for sure I can't be asking off for an entire weekend then ask the same a couple weeks later. I get the feeling most other jobs are like that also.

If at all possible, I say we try to push this event to a later date. At least late June if not as late is mid July. We could push for everyone interested in Tellico to go to Paragon and have a much bigger turn out. Then push for everyone to attend Tellico in the summer.

I'd love to go to both as soon and as often as possible, but it's just not able to be worked into my, and I'm sure many others', work schedules. I'd hate to see those interested in going to wheeling as a large group be split into two smaller groups because they have to choose between one or the other.

Money also being a factor. You figure $150 for a three day stay at a hotel. At least $60 for gas for the entire trip. Another $50 for food. And then whatever to get into the park. Spending that much two months in a row would also discourage attendance.

Let me know what you think.

Paragon vs Tellico
Okay, John's made a great point; I don't want one event to spoil the other, and Paragon is already planned. I had no intention of causing a scheduling conflict. As I've said, I'm new out here. Maybe I need to slow down so I'll wait to learn what you guys are doing out here.

But I am still going to Tellico that weekend in March but it could be a smaller group and considered a prerun for a summer run. I don't want to make anyone have to choose between Tellico and Paragon.

"If at all possible, I say we try to push this event to a later date. At least late June if not as late is mid July. We could push for everyone interested in Tellico to go to Paragon and have a much bigger turn out. Then push for everyone to attend Tellico in the summer. "

How about some feedback? Paragon is 700 miles away from me and I hadn't thought to consider that it may force others to make a decision. Would a smaller group be willing to do a prerun with me that weekend as long as John and others could commit to sometime this summer?

I'm still in for Tellico..Paragon is too far for me on this short of notice. If nothing else, we have a good breakfast, prerun some trails, take some good pics, and enjoy conversation. That's what it's all about..Numbers mean nothing to me, vehicle makes mean nothing to me. I'm up for enjoying the trail and making some new friends, anyone interested???
If this is going to turn into a "Make/Model" run, or a "club" run, count me out.
Like I said before, to most of you...I'm in this for fun.
Let me know the outcome...

count me in, but to tell u the truth the idea of wheelin at tellico scares me beyond belief havin only 2wd from the pics i've seen i think i can make a few of the trails but im more than likely going to end up riding w/ eric or jonathan, oh yeah and eric really doesnt like the idea of a ford pulling him out but on one occasion he was willing, it just so happened jon got him out on pure driving skills---peace

I received some correspondence from another Explorer and a Ranger owner, and a 4wd Explorer stocker can do some of the trails. However a 2wd does NOT need to be trying to do it. Please come and I am sure that anyone with a free seat will be glad to have you along.

Here's an email I received from one of us that has a Ranger, is an instructor for USFWDA, and is also an EMT:

"Tellico is interesting - expect body damage on 2, 9, 11, 12. I won't go down the backside of 11 due to my long wheelbase. Last time I was there, 9 had very deep ruts above the slickrock. 4, 5, 6, 8 are good trails. The rough
water crossing on 5 is supposed to be much easier (I crossed it with the water level up to the top of my tires) Fain's ford [trail 4] is nothing too serious."

There's a lot more trails than 2,9,11, and 12. If we make this a prerun I'd like to test stockers on 1,3,4, and 8. No one wants damage: with a small group we'll simply turn around if anything gets too tough. It'll be a good chance to check out Tellico for a major run. The more I think about it, the better I like John's suggestion. We need to check this place out first.

Let's think toward a major run this summer. That being said, some of us further south cannot make Paragon anyway. Who could do a prerun in March? If you are already committed to Paragon and cannot do both then do NOT change to Tellico. We'll still have the "real" Tellico run this summer. How's that sound? So, how many that weren't planning on Paragon could do a little Exploring with me in March to check out Tellico for a later run?

Gerald I will prerun it. I won't be able to make paragon, it's too far. I'm sure others feel the same way.

Anyway, I'm in...Has anyone contacted local motels yet?? Do you plan on camping??
What's the plan. If you need some help putting it together, let me know.

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If you have never been to Tellico, you should go... at least once. I have been on 5 trips there. The last time was in Nov '01 and I have received battle scars each time. You can check out a few pics of that trip where we were attempting Slickrock. I didn't make it in any of the pics:( or up without help. There are also some write ups on the trip on the cnc4x4 web site Dead Link Removed . There is also a link the the Tellico web site and information as where to stay. We usually stay at Pine Creek Cabins .

As far as going stock, I would not recommend it. The trails for the most part are tight and generally crowded, so turning around is some times not an option.

I don't mean to discourage anyone, just giving my .02 from my point of view. I will tell you I have never seen an X on the trails there! It would be cool to go with a group of Xs, I get really strange looks :eek: while wheel'n there