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Temp sensor for overhead console


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April 29, 2006
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Hey all, I am trying to find the model number for the temp sensor for my overhead console on my dealers website so I can order it, but I am not having any luck what so ever. The console is 97+ (Green Display) but I just need that model number so I can order that and the bracket to finish installing this, can anyone help?


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I put an overhead console on my sport a month ago. It's dark now but I will have a look tomorrow and post what I find.

I have the same problem. Even my ford dealer couldn't tell me the proper part number. There are two types avaliable. So I made a risk and order more expensive one. It will arive in two weeks. Than I will tell you the part number.



I took the sensor and bracket out of my truck. The bracket has no part number on it. The temperature sensor part number is F87F-12647-AA.

98 eddie bauer

Hi guys. I have the following outdoor console sensor. See the below pics. I have had the console temperature reading correctly or as high as 60 c or 140 f. I understand when it reads 60 or 140 that the temperature sensor wires are shorted. I have checked the sensor's resistance and it was OK. I put my other explorer sensor in its place and it works. I think it is the plug. Can you guys help me. Tks. Sorry I can not include my pictures. Please sent me a line. Tks