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The rig gets some much needed TLC

Josh S - rear glass, suspension, manual tcase

Hey guys I'm back! Well it's been a while since I've done anything major to my truck and it's high time! For starters, I've been running off of one shock in the rear forever and the shock will bottom out if I hit too hard. It was just a thrown together setup cuz I got some free 5150's so I slapped em on.

Anyways, it now has 1.5" per side widened beams up front with rigid bumpstops, kings, eibach coils still. The front end hangs pretty good right now minus the jacked alignment, but that's alright for now cuz I haven't been driving much.

The imminent plans include:
1) Cleaning up the rear fender hackage, round the corners and trim up the body straight so it looks cleaner, then maybe wrap the edges into the wheelwell.

2) mount the rear fiberglass quarter panels. These will be ordered in the next few days from Fiberwerx. I have the mounts already for the fenders, courtesy of Camburg. These are preferable and less of a PITA that dzus fasteners, and I like the look too.

3)finish rear suspension. This will involve the most work. after a lot of thought over the past year or two(while not having any spare $$), I have decided to keep the shocks under the bed instead of coming up through the floor. I have been in Sirhk100's old X that was set up this way and it hung hard enough for what I plan on doing. I just would like to bomb around the desert mildly(not fullon race speeds) with a bit of jumping in the mix, with also doing trails of course.

Having Kings up front I would like to stick with em, and also match them with 2.5s. I'm having trouble finding some used right now so they may have to be ordered new :( I'm estimating that I will need around a 10" stroke, but cycling will tell the truth.

I will disassemble the Deaver leaf pack that is on there currently, and just have the main leaf to cycle the suspension, and get some rough measurements off of an "imaginary" upper mount, then I will know the right length to get. A crossmember will need to be fabbed for the shocks to mount to, as well as some of the stock spare tire mount cut off. gooood, my sawzall is getting a bit of dust settling on it :D

in this same time I will mount my Radflo 2" stroke hydro bumps in the cans I just picked up from Camburg. These will be nice for the harder hits in the whoops or on dropoffs or mild jumps. The short stroke and bodies of these custom bumps work great for mounting under our explorers and fitting underneath the floor. After this is complete I will measure for and order some limit straps to keep my leaf pack and shocks together at droop.

While this doesn't sound like a whole lot, it's going to be a lot of work for me but I know it is going to be awesome!

One more current event lol...I ordered a manual t-case from a guy that will be waiting for me when I get back to Chico. Just need to track down some linkage and a shifter and I'll toss that baby in to get rid of these darn shift motor blues :rolleyes:

I'm down in OC right now and won't be back up home to the truck in chico for another week or so, so not really any pics of the stuff...but you can count on this thread having mad amounts of pics once the work starts!!!

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Wow NV4500 -- big stuff!

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Nothing wrong with the 4500/atlas... pretty much bulletproof. :thumbsup:

Well since I sold my old truck that was the DOM hauler, we had to make a new lumber rack for the toyota...literally...:D

Seriously redneck I know, but it actually worked out really well and it took us a couple of hours to build, with some free scrap wood from work. Cheap and removable. My buddy said he got a lot of wierd looks driving through Seattle lol.

Got the D-pillars done..

Got one of the lower door bars in. The 1.5" die will be in by the time I'm up there again so I can work on the seat mounts.

Added window V-bars:D

Added tubes between D and B pillars where shock mounts will connect

I'll be working on the rig plenty now as I've moved back into town...stay tuned.

Anyone, Bueler?

Here is what I have been working on the last few days...

Beefed up the windshield area...

Made some super dank and sick russian sickle gussets...

Tacked in...

Nice cleaned up shop with customers Jeep...(yah that's our crab pot up there)

She is coming along...

Need a rear axle and bypasses SOON!!

I love this shot:


Would be nice to see a closer picture from the driver's side how your working around the master cylinder/booster assy.

Other than that great looking work!

Jeff - :navajo:

Keep it up EZJ. :) Least you'll be able to get a lot done of this project now.

Thanks Johnny! I'm getting a severe case of cabin fever so I'm going to come down to Chico for a week or so and have a good time dirtbiking and cheering on some graduating friends. Job searching sucks the fatty.:rolleyes: We should meet up and have a cold one if you are still in the area.:) I'm definitely gonna stop at Del Taco in Red Bluff on the way down and up!

IZWACK- Yah I like that pic too. It portrays my tennis bag nicely right before it fell 10ft off the shelf onto the concrete floor haha.

SVO- there is barely any room between the master cylinder and the coilover...that was the whole idea behind me making those wierd looking shock hoops, but I'm not really comfortable with the clearances. I should have just went full-bore from the beginning but I was trying to keep the stock core support for some reason...I'm planning on scrapping the stock brake, clutch and steering assemblies leaving only the stock gas pedal, and going to a CNC setup. It's another situation I need to overcome. Something like this...(not my truck)

Thanks for the comments, I'll have more updates when I'm back from a much-needed vacation!


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Well I am back from my excellent 3 week vacation and back to the shop. Had a nice time visiting friends in Chico and hanging out at the parents pad in Oregon doing a little fishing and a little painting. I just started in on the Seabeck 4x4 00' 4x4 Ranger Extracab prerunner build today for a customer. Before it was sitting on 33's and a 3" bodylift, and soon it will have a Dixon Bros 4x4 LT kit, Fox Shox and bumps all around with custom bumpers, bedcage and fiberglass. If you'd like to watch the build look here:

The explorer is on hold for a bit while I build this ranger, but right after I'm done with that the explorer is going to get some more attention.

Slight update, found a running 350 chevy today for $350. Gave the guy 100 to hang onto it until I go pull it on Wednesday:D Can't wait to start getting sweet parts for it! The out to out meauserment on the headers is 26"; the inside of my framerails are 24"...I sense some major firewall chopping:cool:

No lumber lumber rack?? :p:

You're close enough to Canada to play hockey??


Tore apart the old motor...this thing is haggard!:eek:




Rogue wire harness clamp blocking the oil galley WTF?

Two-bolt main --- not what I was told :mad:

And so it begins.

Ahem.. 351. Cough.

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2 bolt blocks are good for 450-500hp. What are you planning on getting from this motor? Also, a machine shop can make your 2 bolt block a 4 bolt splayed main which is waaaay stronger than the stock 4 bolt block. All you need is conversion caps, ARP studs, and some machine work. I did one many moons ago and it was $400 or less, probably $500 these days.