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Tilt Steering lever jammed?


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July 14, 2012
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Vancouver Island, British Columbia
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1994 XLT Limited Exploder
Recently sold/traded my car for a 93 Explorer XLT Limited 4-door 4x4, has some issues with tranny slipping on downshifts OD- to 3 on big hills, oh well. 4x4 also does not work as of right now - OH well!

The one main thing that is driving me NUTS - the steering wheel is trying to aim for the heavens. The lever is jammed and doesnt move forward or back more then 1/4 inch. Do I take the plastic column apart and start from there?

There -is- a hole in right side of column where I can see the teeth where the tilt steering i believe is supposed to tilt down to and be held. Can I push and prod from here? I just want to make it straight and leave it!

Thanks anyone.

No one is going to answer the question for this person? 94sierra did you end up figuring it out? If not I’m about to give it a shot I’ll keep in touch