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Time to get my bed back, building my swing out tire carrier...

I think the jack is more useful. Your stock jack won't lift your truck, especially in the woods.

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Yeah but I can mount the jack (when I get one) either in the bed or on the roof rack. It's always good to have water and fuel on the trail. Not sure.

Yeah but I can mount the jack (when I get one) either in the bed or on the roof rack. It's always good to have water and fuel on the trail. Not sure.

True, but I feel like the fuel and water tanks are only fully practical on expedition style trips where you spend days on the trail. But better safe than sorry I suppose...

Eventually in a couple years I'll build a bed similar to this along with my full exxo-skeleton and SAS, SOA...

If you can fit the jack somewhere else, do the water BUT, those water jugs are not cheap.. Make sure your going to use that style water jugs or will you use the more normal shaped ones?


I've seen different variations of these jugs for cheap to extremely overpriced. Throwing some ideas out there to get opinions.

We're on the east coast. You're never more than 10 miles from a full running fresh water spring or a full on river. Heck you're close to Three Rivers, lol. You won't dehydrate. Fitting a spare (or three) gas cans in the bed is a lot easier and space efficient than the hi-lift. I vote hi-lift.

I had a pair of aluminum diamond plate mud flaps laying around so I made a license plate frame with some bendsfor the Pilot license plate l.e.d. light from AutoZone (this light is bright as hell) lights up the entire rearend of the truck and a good eight foot area on the ground around the back of the truck. I may have to get another one of these and mount it on the hood to light up the engine bay.






Possibly putting my swing out tire carrier/ steel back bumper up for sale in the late spring. I'm planning on building a full steel tube cage style bed and different style tire carrier. Either way you would need a 3" bodylift because I built the carrier off of the rear bumper bodylift brackets, unless you wanted to modify it to work without a bodylift.

I can sale the steel bumper and swing out tire carrier together or if you want that stock looking style with the factory bumper like I started with then I can cut off the steel bumper parts.

I'm not 100% sure on price yet as this is the "first and only" swing out tire carrier for the Sport Trac. I would have to look and see if I still have the factory plastic bumper reinforcement that will go with the carrier if you want the factory look so you don't have to notch yours.

This is what the carrier and steel bumper look like if you're a new member...



Or the clean factory look...



I'll be building something very similar to this tube bed but it'll be tied into the partial exxo.


hey rebel how much would you sell the tire carrier bumper combo for if you dont mind me asking

did this little mishap in the storm yesterday
(dead links)

Not sure yet, need to get supplies to build a new bumper first. It'll probably be around late April/ early May before this happens. If you buy that parts ST you may want to keep it around for future needs. Jmo.

I might buy it or we can go half on it and meet there to load it and take the parts off that you need. Gotta see how Saturday goes (should have the money for it).

idk when i would get the money if we go half i would probably be able to it

Ok, I'll find out Saturday. I'll let you know.

yea i dont get paid till the 31st so if you buy it let me know and i will make a trip out the that weekend i have off work
sunday mondays