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Towing a 92 Xplorer 4x4 manual trans


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October 11, 2004
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Chestermere, Alberta
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1992 Explorer 4.0L 4x4 XL
I have a car dolly that I was going to use to tow to work my 92 X with a manual trans and 4x4. If I tow the rear up and front wheels down,do I have to disconnect the driveshaft???I will be doing speeds of 80-100 km per hour.

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I would think as long as it's in 2wd with the hubs unlocked it would probably be OK.
Make sure the steering wheel is locked.Unless there is rearend damage where it's not possible, I'd rather have the front up-rear down with the driveshaft removed.

Well i was trying to avoid laying in the cold gravel to remove the driveshaft.the rear is ok, it just has a coolant leak and i don't want to run out of coolant and crack the heads.Leak is from the lower intake.

Second opinnion.... The first is the right advice. :), Good luck towing >>>KJ face down @$$ up and in 2 wheel drive.Thanks guys