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Towing Hitches & Warrior Shackles


February 24, 2000
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I noted in another post someone couldn't install Warrior Shackles due to their existing towing hitch interfering. Any of you guys running Warrior Shackles have a hitch that fits so I can avoid this problem when purchasing a hitch in the future? If so can you give me specifics on hitch make and model?


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I have the standard Hidden Hitch (new rounded model for new model Explorers). There is plenty of room between it and the shackles.

Reese tubular hitch just fine

It would be a really weird hitch to interfere - the Warrior shackles aren't THAT much different in size from the factory. I can't imagine that a hitch made specifically for an Explorer would conflict - maybe it was one of those generic "one size fits all" transformer hitches.

I have a 2002 sport and got a hitch from Leonard(class 3), it is about 2 inches from the shackles now(the bottum of the shackle). Is this going to interfere with the WAR 153?

I agree with Gerald & Brian. The Warrior shackles are just longer. I can't imagine how they would interfer with a hitch..

I remember thinking there was no way the Warriors would fit without interfering with my stock hitch before I put them on. They don't though.

no interference issues with my shackles and my class 3 Hidden Hitch, the hitch is the newer design to go around the spare tire, and the truck is a 99 Sport :ca:

I have a UHaul hitch, and I have the same concern. The bracket is like an inch away from my shackles right now. I think it would contact if I had the warriors. I guess when I build my bumper, I will have to remove those hitch brackets, or grind them down.