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Trans fluid fill level?


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January 29, 2011
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Northern Kentucky
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'98 Mountaineer 5.0
I've located the fill plug, how much do I put in? Fill to the bottom of the hole, like a transfer case?

'03 4.6 4x4 5R55.

No. Google it and watch how it is done in one of the many YouTube videos.

You have to use a adapter and pump, (got mine at ace for 5$) after you drain the fluid ect you'll have to unscrew the little bolt in the center, screw in your adapter, now I got my pump at O'Reillys for 10$ it comes with some hose but it's kind of short, do yourself a favor and go to lows/home depot and get about 3 feet of clear tubing that fits your specific pump, I just connected the hose to the nipple on the pan, extended the hose out the driver side, screwed a bottle on the pump and used my foot to pump away, it went by pretty quickly, another big thing is to make sure it's parked on a very level surface cause once you pump 5-6 quarts you will have to put a drain pan under it, remove the hose, start the vehicle till its at operating temperature, and watch untill the fluid starts to trickle/drip slowly that's a indication telling you it's filled, remove the adapter, and screw in the tiny bolt and shift between gears! You'll be set :D