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trans rebuilt, differential now?


July 1, 2007
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Minneapolis, MN
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2000 XLT
Completed rebuild of 5r55e, reinstalled (again) and finally have forward AND reverse! But, the rear end appears to be bad now. One wheel spins in forward gears, the other rear wheel spins in reverse gears. Only one spins forward in 4WD high, so I guess I don't have that either. Really would like to get this vehicle off the jackstands before the snow stays on the ground. Any help with rear end diagnosis on the 2000 XLT would help!!

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If you have an "open" differential (i.e. non-"limited slip", or non-LSD for short), then that is how the axle is supposed to work in sticky situations and this is the downside of the "open" differential.

See a "4wd" isnt really a "four wheel drive" with an open differential because the differential allows one wheel to spin while the other does not - rendering each axle a one-wheel drive axle, or the entire 4wd vehicle really a "two wheel drive".

However, in 4HI, you should have at least two tires rotating. Of course you probably can only see the driver's side wheels so it might be the passenger's side that are rotating. So have some one else check the passenger side tires while the vehicle is in 4HI and NOT on dry pavement (dont ever engage 4HI or 4LO on dry pavement). Oh and the axle will rotate whichever tire has the least grip so if all of the sudden the rotating tire gets grip and the other looses grip, it will start spinning the other tire that has lost traction

Sounds like it is hard to diagnose then when all 4 wheels are up on jackstands. I will need to check the ID tag of the differential. Does the tag indicate whether the diff. is OPEN or not?

Having all 4 wheels off of the ground is not a good way to diagnose the 4wd system because there is parasitic drag (including brake pads) in the system.

SUPPOSEDLY, you can check whether or not the differential is "open" or not by the Axle Code on the driver's door sticker. If it has a "D" in the code (like "D41" or whatever), then its not an open differential (but rather a limited slip).

This vehicle must have a replacement driver's door - there is no sticker on the driver's door. Does the differential tag identifiy whether it is open of LSD?

Yeah. If it says something like "3L73 88 8609" -- the L is Limited Slip.

There should be a tag on the diff telling you th ratio. If its got a limited slip it will have 3L73, which is 3.73:1 gear ratio with the "L" being Limited slip, where as an open diff would be 3 73, with a space between the 3 and 7. The tag may or may not be there depending on whether or not the tag was removed by someone when/if the cover was removed.


So if the tag reads:
55 88 OD28

this would NOT be a limited slip differential? And it would be normal for one wheel to be the forward drive wheel, and the other wheel to be the reverse drive wheel?

No there is no particular dedicated reverse or forward wheel. Its just that in the particular situation you were in, different wheels are getting grip at different times.

I'm assuming you're worried because of the snow. Just drive like everyone else and take everything easy and slow.

DRIVING AGAIN! Forward AND Reverse, But still no OD.

Hey Ho! We are driving again. Transmission is back in vehicle with forward AND reverse. Two snafus took care of the NO REVERSE after the rebuild. #1: The solenoid bracket on the VB was originally reinstalled without looping the valve positioner correctly causing the valve to sit too far into the VB and not function. #2: The Center Support in the 2000 5R55E only uses the teflon oil rings - NOT the rubber o-rings. When the rebuild kit is received, it contains several "extra" parts to cover whatever updated model you may have. There were 3 different options of rings for the center support included. The ASTG manual does not clearly show or explain exactly which rings to use and where to install them. As an idiot, I tried putting the rubber o-rings on the center support, and this caused the back half of the unit to be too tight. The output shaft would no longer turn in both directions.

So all is well -- I thought. Only problem now is that 1st gear is prolonged - there is definite delay in shifting to 2nd gear, and we still do not have OD. I readjusted the front band and have checked/rechecked the fluid level. Even though the #3 shift solenoid tested OK for resistance, could this be sticking and causing the problem?

This is a really LONG project, but I am stubborn and will not give up.