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trans temp guage question

yeah.. i have a $250 camera and the majority of the pictures i have from it are of my explorer or explorer parts. im a sad individual, but hey, i could have a worse hobby..

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just read the registry on your 93 ranger.. nice set up, real clean but capable. that is what im goin for, when i have the money anyway. were your leaf packs custom made? i was thinking SOA to get my rear end up but they id have to use spacers or buy 5.5 inch coils to get the front to match and then theres the camber to worry about. im happy with my 4 inches in the front.. just would like to get the rear to match so im looking into costs of getting leaf packs made vs. buying leaf packs from a retailer. last i checked RoughCountry's 4" leaf packs ran about $320. OUCH.

its nice how i just change topics in my own thread? isnt it?

hows that there tranny temp guage workin? there, back on topic.

Yes, the springs were more-or-less custom made. They knew the dimensions of the springs, I just told them the weight of my truck, and the desired lift amount. There are 12 leaves in each spring pack! Heavy, but the ride is very smooth, and they flex great. (You would lose an inch of ground clearance under your springs if you did this on a spring-under.)

To get back on topic, the tranny temp gauge in this truck is the same setup I am going to install on my other truck.

On a hot day, I might see temps of 180, up to 190 under load. If I'm climbing hills (mountain roads), and hard on the throttle, it will hit 200. I back down the throttle before I hit 190. If I do get that hot, I pull over and let things cool off for a few minutes - to be safe.

im happy with the install of the guage, if i had more of an electrical prowess i would tackle the oil guage mod, i would love to see that guage work correctly.

there are a couple of spring shops up this way, im going to have to give them a call and see what they have to say about making me a 4" taller pack to put with my main leaf. a stiffer pack would also help alot when i have the back loaded with gear. the last long trip me and my fiance took as part of a group we had around 400 lbs of coolers, food, tools, and a full sized spare in the back. it sagged bad.


it looks worse in person, well to me anyway, it bothers me lol

Ill get some pics up this weekend, little sidetracked because my wife lost a bag of little bolts and **** from my door that was all taken apart for window lift motor RR while I was out on a field operation all week. Pissed. Livid.

well she prbly figured that since it was in a bag it was garbage. my mom did that to me on the last big family beach trip. threw away 3 pairs of my shoes. that was like 7 yrs ago and i still hold a grudge. ew, my brother put montreal steak seasoning on porkchops, damn him.

a stiffer pack would also help alot when i have the back loaded with gear. the last long trip me and my fiance took as part of a group we had around 400 lbs of coolers, food, tools, and a full sized spare in the back. it sagged bad.

Ever thought about one of those helper air bags for trucks? Don't know if it'd be any help, but it'd definitely take some weight off of the springs and prevent them from de-arching prematurely.

Something like this:

i thought about it, but i think id be fine with a stiffer leaf pack. although my friends and i are leaning back towards the superlift SOA kit. if i take the warrior shackles, AAL off, and put my sport leaf packs back on i should only be about an inch taller than the front, which would look ok. besides josh.. you need me to take this stuff off so you can buy it, remember? lol

I finished my install yesterday, I used ultra-black rtv silicone to seal up all the flare fittings that populate the tranny pan area now (on top of jb weld) and used satin texturized spraypaint to match the black plastic in the truck (can't even tell the difference) and hooked the gauge up to the purple wire on the dimmer switch (I'm colorblind so its either blue, purple, teal, maybe even green) and grounded it to the antenna (for a lack of a better nearby ground) ....I drove it around last night and saw 163 degrees at 61 degree air temp... Still working on the pictures part I took a few good ones though

I'm not sure about photobucket, but is really easy to use. You can even pick to resize it during the upload, and also they give you teh code you'll need to post in the forums areas. I also wrote a writeup for those unsure a while ago.