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Transfer case


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March 18, 2011
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1997 Ford Explorer
Can anyone please tell me i have a F77A-7A195-GA transfer case for a 1997 explorer will a F57A-7A195-CA interchange with mine?please someone tell me there is about a 75 dollar difference between the two.Thank you

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Welcome to the forum!

The CA will indeed work, have to use the front drive shaft that was used for it. The only real difference in these 2 cases is the front output style. Make sure you get a front drive shaft from a 95-96 model for it.

Thank you so much i appericate it i looked everywhere for an GA transfer case hard to find called Ford they couldn't tell me nothing so u helped me out alot i got a CA with the front output shaft from a 1996 like u said i haven't had it put in yet i'll let u know how it goes thanks again.

I'm already learning alot believe me Ford told me that wouldn't work what the heck do they know huh lol i plan on having it put in next friday i told my mechanic what u said and he said i knew there was something different just didn't know what i've been looking now for almost three weeks for a GA so thanks again.

Does anyone know if a ford explorer 1998 cd/cassette player,will fit in a 1997 ford explorer cassette

^^ not the correct thread or place to ask, but yes, its a simple swap