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Solved Transmission and Transfer Case Specs by year

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...other charts i have looked up say, and as in my post #28, all i could find was haynes says 4r55e for the '95 and '96 years only...;)

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the 86 to 87 B2 Toyo kogyo transmission Q?

:usa: thank you

i have a 1986 B2 with the Mazda transmission and i was woundering if you can take the older mazda transmission and replace it? any help would be nice

hey all
I was wondering if anyone new the low range ratio of the
BW4405?? On the spec page here it says 2.48:1
I'm pretty sure thats what I have
underneath it read "Torque on Demand" and "AOD" If I remember right, I'd go outside and check but it's 10 degrees out:eek:
it's electronic shift and the nob has Auto, 4x4high, 4x4low
In auto it sends some (very little like at most 20%) power to the front

but yeah I have the SOHC 4.0 5R55E and open 4:10s

1st gear is the trans is: 2.47
Axle ratio is: 4.10
I believe the Transfer case low is: 2.48
On I have read that the torque convertor can mulitiply the ratio up as well. On the site they used a 2.5 value for the convertor don't know if it's true or not??

so multiplying those values I have a: 62.78:1 which is alright for 33s and the wheeling I do.

but with a 1354/54 stubler would give me a: 2.48x2.48= 6.15/1
which would give me a 155.7:1 ratio :eek:
now that would be nice but would that be too low for my auto?? and over power the brakes? if so I guess I could always put it in neutral to stop.

Which transfer case is in the 2001+ Sport/Sport Trac?

I looked at my door code and it says "D" for the transmission and it says I have an open diff. 3.73 axle. 1997 Explorer XL. I had it on a hoist and it seems like a posi diff, plus my transmission is only a 4 speed auto. 1-2-D+OD. How do I know for sure which trans. I have. I think it`s shot. (Makes a loud winding sound and I lose my gears.) Actually I normally lose just reverse, but now I lose my forward gears while I`m driving. The only way to get around it is to put it in 4x4 low...then all the gears work. I`m so confuzzled :s

hey what vin number position are you taking the trans code from? 1fmdu34x3tu is my vin

i have a 1996 explorer with the 4R55E tranny. i was wondering what it will take to put in a 5R55E tranny. will it be a direct bolt in or will i need to do some adjustments? is the bellhousing pattern the same? one more thing, the 4r is 4 speed auto and the 5r is 5 speed auto. problem?

Has anyone figured this out yet?

I am looking to do the same thing, "IF" it will work.

Direct Bolt up?

Drive shaft diff?

5th gear problems?

Throw codes? If it does, how do you correct it?:dunno:

Basically I am trying to figure out if I get a 5R, and I have a 4R, if it is worth beefing up over pulling mine out and being down till it is finished being worked on.

Need Help

i have a 98 xlt 4.0 sohc vin e. my tranny is a 5r55e with a 4405 t case. can i put on a manual t case on that tranny. need help.


R8..... L/S 8.8"..... 2750..... 4.56
What year did this come in?

I have a 98 2wd. it needs a tranny. i can get a 97 2wd tranny. chart says it will fit (5R55E). Is there anything such as speedo fitting, etc... that could be a problem?

1995 explorer trans ????

ok this lists shows 1995 as a 4r44e and 1994 as a4ld, but the other list on here shows the a4ld going thru 1995?I have a 1995 that has lost the trans, so quess I better pull the old one just to be sure?Thanks for all the info on here,I have gotten years of learning in just a few nights with all this help!

Help figuring out t-case model?

I have a 97 2dr 5 spd manual with control trac. the auto wreckers say their will be a tag on the t-case that says either CA, RA or GA. Where would this tag be? I have the T-case disengaging under deceleration problem. Trans, clutch and diffs are working fine. Thx

'06 trannytag l2p-7000-eb

Hello all,

I want to do a fluid change on our Explorer and I can't find any information on this model. First, is it a valid model no or am I reading it wrong. Secondly, I was thinking about just draining the exisiting fluid and just pumping new fluid into the level check port on the drain plug. I know this is not a through change, but we dont tow anything except occassionally a bass boat or light utility trailer. The vehicle has 70K miles on it and no service had been done on the tranny. It shifts perfectly.

If I get the nerve I may go ahead and drop the pan and change the filter as well but not without more information.

I would appreciate any assistance or info anyone can offer :)

i looked on my t case and a sticker says 4405 so does that mean i have the 4405 t case

Does anyone have the specs for the fm 146?

95 ford explorer

how do I cheak to see if my explorer first or second generation im in desperate need of a transmission wiring harness ,automatic 2wd can u help with what transmission I have?

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Sorry to revive an old thread just trying to figure out which auto transmissions are direct swaps into my '88 ranger 2wd I'm having an extremely hard time finding a A4LD