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Solved Transmission Band Adjustment Specification Chart

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How can you be certain what year trans you have if you're not sure? I'm getting a salvage yard trans out of a 92 Ex and was planning on adjusting the bands, but not sure if this is the original trans and don't want to just assume that it has the single wrap band.

All A4LD transmissions have a partial VIN stamped on the flat spot on the driver's side of the transmission behind the manual control lever. 8th digit from end is the year.

Having a delayed shifting into overdrive unless I let it warm up and a clunk when going into reverse or slowing down to a stop. Sometimes when I let off the gas I hear a whirring sound until I get back on the accelerator, then it goes away. It doesn't do it if I let off the gas steadily. Would adjusting the OD and Intermittent bands help.

I just remembered this is my second transmission (275,000 miles) so I don't know if they put the updated valve body gasket on there. It shifts fine till it gets nice and warm then it starts to clunk when I let off the gas but returns to normal when I give it gas. They discontinued the bonded separator plate (F77Z-7A008-EB), but the Ford dealer said I can use any part up to 2001. He said what's worked best for them was part # 1L5Z7Z490HA. Also mentioned was the Trans temperature sensor could be bad. Question is, where is it inside the pan and how would I check it.

The part which is called a thermistor is part of the internal wiring harness. The output is in Ohms. A scanner with live data readings would show the transmission temperature (but not the actual Ohms).

Adjusting the Overdrive band (1 1/4 turns out of adjustment) helped but not the intermittent band (1/2 turn out of adjustment). I have trans braking in D1 and D2 when going down a hill. Dealer said all solenoids tested out fine but except TCC which was slightly below normal parameters but acceptable. Could an out of spec TCC solenoid cause a delayed engagement in OD. Ford dealer is leaning more towards transfer case than trans, what do ya think? FYI: Ford Tech says it's more of a thump, thump thump, not a clunk, clunk, clunk.

Is a "turn" one whole spin of the torque wrench or what? I'm not sure exactly how to measure pease I need help :(


Going to try this tomorrow. Bringing life back into the thread. :cool: