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How to: Transmission Band Specification Chart

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hey any1 know where i can get a good tranny for my wifes 94 ex or can tell me how to fix it it will go backwards but will not move in any drive gear i dont have alot of money so whatever help i can get would be very grateful ty in advance.

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Can anybody post pictures or find me a post with complete picture of band adjustmeent on a4ld please...i am newbie in this case. Thank you

Go to the Transmissions forum, there is a photo thread all about rebuilding the A4LD and it has pictures of the band adjustment procedure.

Does anyone knoww the exact method to adjust the bands with the transmission on the car? I have some difficulty with my reverse :p

Ok thats fine thankx....but what could be the problem with my reverse...when i engage it the reverse is slow to engage and when i back up the engine surge s a little bit. it have less power than supposed

hey brooklynbay do you think that if i don't got the tools to do the band seting od out i need to know if i can do this with out that tool am going to rebuilding it soon am reading thing here to see what i need to do thank for the info

A torque wrench is recommended for adjusting the bands, and setting the torque on the valve body bolts. Harbor Freight has them, and they are not that expensive. Watch their sales since their prices keep changing.

ya i just buy one like 3 week ago and it was 20 bucks :) and i got the reblut kit for the transmission and more tool you think i mite need ?

Good post. By the way... when adjusting the intermediate band the cable and lever will be in the way of ANY torque socket wrench. It has to be removed. No ifs, ands, or buts. PB Blaster may be needed for the two nuts. Once that is done there is a plastic bracket through which a plastic arrow fastener protrudes. Be careful with it. I need to add some pictures of my 4R55E to show each adjustment knob.

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