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transmission problem


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August 7, 2005
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burnsville nc
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94 xlt
i have a 1994 explorer with auto trans. transmission will only shift from 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd only after i let off gas pedal, does this at any rpms, what could be the problem? shifts into overdrive fine and downshifts fine :exp:
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Not a tranny guy, but have you changed fluid and filter anytime recently? May not be problem but I figure a start in finding problem.

There are a range of things which could do this, some of which can be fixed without removing the trannie. In order let me suggest

1) Check fluid levels... engine running, parke don a level surface. How is fluid color, smell?

2) Pull the vacuum hose off the modulator and see if there is fluid in it. If so, replace it and test drive it.

3) The next steps are in order of ease

a) check the tightness of your valve body bolts, if no help:

b) remove the transfer case and remove and clean the governor. (details in the A4LD Rebuild Diary in the Useful Threads forum) if no help:

c) rebuild Valve body.

Hope this helps.