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Transmission Temperature Gauge

When towing, your transmission can generate extra heat from the load. Heat kills automatic transmissions. Adding coolers will help, but how do you know if the transmission is overheating? A transmission temperature gauge!

I installed a gauge I bought at the local parts store.

The key to a temperature gauge for the transmission is range. A good range for the gauge is 100-300 degrees. Most gauges I found started above 100, but my transmission sometimes runs below that. The recommended running temp is about 150 degrees, so if the gauge starts above that, it won't be very effective.

The gauge was a fairly easy installation- a single wire from the sending unit to the gauge in the cab. The gauge needs a +12v source, preferably switched, and a ground.

I installed my gauge in my console- it is visible if I don't have it full of junk and the console is still usable. Alternatively, the bracket that comes with most gauges can be used to hang it under the dash. Other members have installed a pillar gauge pod.

Here is my gauge-

The sending unit placement can affect your readings. The easiest install is on the rubber line just before the factory aux cooler. I did mine like this- it is a brass T with hose barbs on each end, the sensor in the middle. Notice there are two wires there, one connects to the sending unit, the other is a ground wrapped around the T fitting to provide a ground. The sensor works off a ground source.


However, it has been argued that it is not the most accurate place to put the sensor because it doesn't accurately represent the temperature the transmission sees. I have since moved the sensor to the pan. I used a B&M drain plug kit, drilled a 1/2" hole in the pan. The sending unit threaded right in to the adapter. It doubles as a drain plug, all I have to do is remove the sending unit.



I recommend that you install a temperature gauge before you add an additional cooler, you may not need one. My transmission runs plenty cool without a 2nd aux cooler, but I watch my gauge when towing.

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