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Transmission Temperature Gauge

ScanGuage II now Reads Transmission Temperature

After much changing of the input values for TXD, RVF, RXD, & MTH per phone help from Ron at Linear Logic, we got a transmission temperature readout. I had initially changed the TXD to 07E1... as described above, but got a 0° readout. I know we changed everything but I didn't keep up with all the changes. So I just went out and checked and it looks like the only that is now changed is that very same 07E1... TXD that didn't work before.

Congrats dkl1449! Glad to hear things worked out for you. It's given me some ideas to try on some of the xgauges that don't appear to work for my '02.


Linear Logic

Ron De Long at Linear Logic has been great to work with! Give him a call if you need help.

"There is something you could try that seems to work in most cases. Increment the 4th number (07E0221674) to 1, then 2, and so on checking along the way to see if any values are reported."

I changed the 4th number from 0 to 1 and the TFT value now shows in Gauges:)

Many thanks to James.

Tried the same and it worked on my 06 EB - many thanks!!