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Transmission Troubles Advice Needed !


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August 10, 2006
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My next door neighbor has three young children and seems to be a single mom doing the 12 to 14 hour normal schedule......she has now parked her main transport a 1991 Ford Explorer and has went to something very small and japanese.......which i think is a loner.

Lets see its a 1991 4 x4 5 speed which after doing some research and some looking at the local junk yard........I cant find anything close...

The only thing I can find is a 2 wheel drive 5 speed transmition...My question is can I take a 2 wheel drive 5 speed and swap or take off the rear end of it and replace it with the old 4 wheel drive end is it possible.

I do not know what you would call the rear houseing of the transmition that goes to the transfer case but the 4 x 4 looks shorter and the 2 wheel drive looks longer where a regular drive shaft would hook in.

Any advice is welcome........yes I did purchase a Chiltons book but it does not cover much or exploded veiw of either transmitions.

Yes and it is going to be free work.......Im even going to spring for the clutch and what ever else it will need.

thank you........


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no a 2wd will not work the tailshafts are different, whats wrong with the trans in it? it may be fixable.

Can it be fixed.......they said it could

She did take it down to the local transmition shop............looks like 3rd gear is out completely.........and then they gave her a price of over 1400 dollars...well......she doesnt have that type of money .........i was just trying to help out a neighbor..........

Thats the story she told me yesterday so I headed out to the local junk yard....its explorer heaven 4 wheel drive 5 speed transmitions to be found.

Hey guys and thanks for the advice.......

BBay I did see that let me run this by you

What would be the pros and cons of just taking the 5 speed 2wd transmition
and installing it in the place of the 4wd 5 speed.......any idea if the drive shaft and crossmember or any wire problems be involved......???

thanks again yes is read that post........he is a mechanic....



You can put a 2 wd 5 speed in. You will also need the drive shaft I believe. Remove the front shaft.

guys try this at your own risk ....but I've got a friend that has used 2wd trans & put the tailshaft of a 4wd on it, have seen 2 ppl that has took the guts out of a 2wd & put then in a 4wd. the housings have to be the same...the trans in mine is in need of fixing, so going with one of these cause here there is no place that has the 5spd 4x4 going to get him to help fix mine..will let you guys know how mine works out