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Turn Signals Acting Up


February 14, 2002
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1998 Explorer XLT 5.0
anyone have any problems with their turn signals? when i tilt the steering wheel all the way up the signals work, but when i tilt it down only the right signal works or they both go out. i replaced the flasher twice but still have the problem.

no problems here. maybe you have a lose connection that contacts when the column is up and pulls away when the column is down.


I used to have the same problem....there is a little connector in the column,that despite the fact it looks like it is a making a good connection....its not when the wheel is tilted down.....It was driving me crazy!....got it fixed at the dealership(under warranty)....otherwise it would have been 80 bucks!....they simply replaced the


This sounds like a problem i had. The turn signal stalk in the 95-?? explorers have been known to have problems. Mine (and many others) have had the insulation on the wires wear off, causing there to be a short if you move the switch or the steering colum the right way, thus causing stuff not to work. In my case the windsheild wiper sprayer only worked sometimes and if i would put on my high-beam lights, when I went to turn them off the headlights would totally turn off:confused: needless to say i had the part replaced at ford for $180 and it fixed both the sprayer problem and the headlight issue.