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U Joint sizing...

5.0L V8

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May 1, 2010
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97 Explorer 5.0 AWD
So i'm getting a clunk in my 5.0 AWD whenever I am reversing on pavement and dirt. I THINK it's a u joint in either the front axle shafts or front driveline. Does this sound right to you? I was wondering if anyone had a write up on how to remove the front axle shafts? I also need part number for all the U-joints on my explorer. Front and rear driveshafts, and front AND rear axle shafts. Can anyone help me?

I read about a Viscous Coupler???? That could possibly be making the noise. How do I know if that is what the noise is coming from? Any tips/advice i should know about?

-Thanks, Evan

To test your U-Joints, block your wheels and jack up your truck. Once the weight is off the wheels of the drive shaft you want to check, you can check your u-joint for play by turning one yoke against the other or trying to shake it up and down, right and left. With good u-joints, the yoke should feel tight, with bad joints, loose. If you want part numbers, just look them up on rock auto or something. You have a solid rear axle, and you can get axle shafts from the parts store as well. They are readily available.

I know all this. But i've had bad u-joints on my jeep TJ axle shafts, and they felt tight as can be. The needle bearings can still be shot inside the caps and not cause a wiggle. Especially if it is a sealed unit. so anyone got the ujoint part numbers for me?!

So, I assume you know how to properly check the u-joints. To find the part numbers, just go to an auto parts website and look them up. Only you have all the answers the site will ask. I dont. I can give you the part numbers for my 96, but I seriously doubt they are the same for your truck.