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unsolved electrical gremlin(antitheft/RAP module)


June 9, 2012
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1997 ford explorer XLT
i need to know what wire allows a 97 explorers anti theft to arm. theft light no longer works and the anti theft wont arm when locked. its a non pats system as it didnt get that option. key-less entry works. its definitely a wiring problem. rap module works but wont allow the alarm to arm when locked. there are 2 harnesses, 1. supplies power to the module and some other things. 2. allows for the alarm to arm and the key-less entry pad. another thing i need to know is what each wire on those harnesses go to. i've posted this problem before but im asking different information on the rap. no one has ever had this problem i spent 3 days looking through google and the forum. i havent messed with the wiring other than the swapping of the module which was plug and play and installing lights for the running boards. i literally have no alarm anymore. the only time that theft light turns on is if i pull the 2nd harness on the rap and disarm and rearm. then the alarm works like normal but soon as you push that harness in the horn honks and the alarm no longer works. its not aftermarket its just a simple anti theft system supplied by ford before the pats.:mad::(

this really sucks because my vehicle got broken into last night and i have no alarm. if some one has done it whats stopping another from doing it. i need an explorer alarm expert and i need some one ASAP please. alarm wont arm on lock anymore

Did you ever get to the bottom of this?