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Upper Control Arms


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November 23, 2009
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Prince Rupert, BC,
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2004 Ford Explorer 4x4
I busted my ball joints and discovered when I went to put the new Moogs in that the hole where the ball joint goes is so worn as soon as I put weight on the ball joint popped out the top of the upper control arm.

Now I need control arms for sure. looking at some cheap after market ones but still would prefer some nice longer custom job ones. No fabricators in my neck of the woods though so I may end up SOL.

I've emiled Brandon at BTF-Fabricating to see if he will start producing again. Anyone else interested in ordering a set. Last time I talked to him it was going to be $600 that may need adjusting. The FORD ones are about $250 but don't hold up to the lifts we're putting in them.

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PM Macknos94, i believe he has some custom control arms he's selling...

I've touched base with him. He's prefer to sell them with his 3" lift kit which I already have.

I'd definitely be interested in getting some of those upper control arms if btf-fab decides to start making some again cause my ball joints are worn out

I called Brandon at BTF this evening and he's keen to get going but he needs a donor set as he doesn't have his 3rd gen explorer any more. Anyone have a used set they could send his way to make measurements from?

I would be very interested in getting a pair myself!

its gonna take a bit for me to get rid of my lift. I'm on a dead man's profile right now with a 5lbs lifting limit :(