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Ok, my mpg was about 14 around town with body lift and 33s, then I put 4 in suspect lift which is all brackets that added weight for 3.0 to move, my mpg dropped to about 8, I could feel it was not moving as easy as b4. Now with 5.0 in it, it is alot easier. Of course it's got about 60 more horses and maybe 100 more pounds of torque

With the extra grunt, I bet its a ton more fun to drive and sounds mean as well!!

Having access to a decent junk yard and a donor rig is paramount for this kind of swap.

I'd love to swap an 8 in mine, but honestly, I like the 6 and my exhaust sounds good to me. With a rebuild in my near future, I don't mind exploring the limits of this 6 knowing I can make it more fun, reliable and efficient without all the mods and fab required to fit a v8 and suitable drive-train in. To each his own...;)

To the OP, try the ranger station site also. Lots of good stuff there as well. If you can't figure things out between them and this forum, skip the idea altogether.