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Warrior Shackles used with Helper Springs


February 24, 2000
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I just ordered my Warrior Shackles from Desert Rat. I currently run Hellwig EZ-550 helper springs on top of the stock leaf springs. These are the "overload" style single leaf helper springs that engage only under heavy payload or towing to help keep the truck level. They bolt on top of the spring stack. Has anyone installed Warrior Shackles and used some type of helper springs too, as I'd like to keep using them? Any thoguhts?


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As long as something doesn't get in the way of something else, the shackles should work just fine. The spring will still act normally.

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I run add-a-leafs with the Warrior Shackles and it works well. I get 3"+ of lift from the setup. I have extended performance coils in the front. What are you going to do in the front? Good luck!

Nowshon: What type of ride quality did you get with the Hellwig helpers vs. previous ride without them? Do you tow? Thanks Mike

front springs

Lobo - or anyone else who can answer this question..... I too was going to go with add-a-leafs and shackles... but I don't know what to use up front to compensate for the lift in the rear (hopefully 3 inches), and I don't want spacers up front. Were did you get your coil springs from?