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When to repalce shocks?


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March 25, 2001
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Aside from the obvious (leaking, bent, broken, squeaking, car bouncing unrestrained), when are shocks in need of replacement?

I do not get repeated rebounds when I bounce the fenders, but consider this a test only for completely shot shocks.

Anyone remember the old shot shock versus the good new shock display stands that used to be located at gas stations? In those a new shock which nicely dampened rebound was paired with a good looking but deficient shock that let the spring rebound without restraint.

Anyway, my Ex is at 90K miles, approx. 6 years, and I am wondering when I should start thinking about replacing them. It has not seen rough service that would contribute to early shock failure.

Secondly, how difficult is replacing the shocks on a third gen?

Thanks, guys.

If you want a better ride then replace them now. My old one were very slow opening back up after they were removed. I did mine at 60K and felt the difference. I went to monroes reflex from rockauto.com. I changed them when I changed my real axle seals. I does require a bit more labor then most other cars. You will need a good spring compressor too.

Replace them when the ride quality gets too bad that you can't stand it anymore. There's no set mileage that shocks/struts wear out...It's more of the environment they're in. I've seen people from NYC that cannonballed a set of struts on a Grand Prix in 30,000 miles! But there, the potholes will swallow a Geo Metro!
Here, the roads are pretty decent and flat. It's possible to go 200,000 on a set as long as they're not being overly worked. At the dealership, we've got a '98 Buick LeSabre with 344,000 miles on it, and it still has its original shocks and struts! Still rides nice too. We use it as our loaner when a customer needs one. They can't believe the mileage on it, and sometimes are even a little afraid of it just because of that.

I bought an old buick for my mother in law a while back. You can't beat one of those for floating down the road. That soft ride probably saves the shocks.