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Window track? Vibrating right out of the sheet metal?


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October 11, 2004
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'92 Sport 4x4
Ok guys. I posted about this awhile back, my old thread got sacraficed in the old General Explorations forum.

But heres the problem. Passenger side door, the window track on the right side of the inner door, Its purpous is to hold the window in place from moving back to forth, while the window is in the down position. This track is tack welded to a bracket thats bolted to the door, which keeps vibrating itself loose.

Its annoyance is not only while running over bumps/potholes or while im wheelin, but when i am getting out the car and shutting the door (with the windows down) you can hear the window bouncing around inside. And usually the bouncing causes the actual door to bounce an excess amount off the door-frame, so shutting the door is a PITA at times.

It seems like every couple months i finally get irritated with the noise enough to try and tackle the problem. (it makes the most annoying noises) ...

Usually, i have to re-apply locktite and make sure the bracket is bolted nice and tight to the sheet metal.

Except this time it cracked/tore the sheet metal with it. WTF?

No rust, just thin flakes of sheered metal.

so i took it all apart, and placed two large washers to compensate for the excess of room that was created when the window track tore the metal it.

Fixed the problem for Two days, now i can tell its come apart again because i can hear that window bouncing around inside the door again. But the vibratiosn are gone? I guess the washer deal held up, but the track came unwelded from the bracket.

Does anyone have trouble with these things like i do? i guess i should invest in a welder.