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Wristed Radius Arms


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February 8, 1999
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98 Merc
Hey all, I have been on an Early Bronco List for a while and lots of them have been running wristed Radius arms on their rigs. Dead Link Removed It looks like it works well for solid axles, but I am not sure how this might work on a TTB axle. Does anyone know how this might work out? I know it makes for a better flex so I just figured I would toss this out there.

Ryan Penner
1992 Explorer Sport

It appears that the "wrist" or pivot of the radius arm will allow a solid axle to rotate around its centerline (along the axles). At extreme articulation, I can see where the bendable arm could allow more total wheel droop.

With a TTB, it could help with extreme wheel droop, but I wonder how stable it would be. The only thing preventing the axle half from rotating would be the pivot bolt - I don't think the pivot bolt was designed to hold a rotational load in addition to the pivot load.

A cool idea though - worth some more thought.......